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Evil Has An 8th Name by Sketchfighter316 Evil Has An 8th Name by Sketchfighter316
"You know what's the difference between me and all the other Evil-Exes Ramona's dated, Pilgrim? It's not that I don't have any special powers, or being as dumb as you, or even having this kickass heavy sword...
"'s the complete disregard of Ramona's well-being in the fight we're about to be in." - Damien Star

"I'm the secret character to face, man. Like that green dude from Mortal Kombat!

Weapons: Great Sword
Skills: Fighting skills, great sword skills, ninja skills, kung-fu skills, getting lost skills (that's not a skill, man!)
Strengths: Video games, unarmed combat, rivaling strength to Scott Pilgrim.
Weakness: An idiot in directions. No special powers. Bad habit of switching one thing for another on discussions.
Traits: Has a tendency to use pop culture references. 1) yells "Star Power!" from time to time to boost his ego. It has no effect.
2) Notifies his enemies that his sword reminds him of another awesome character who uses a great sword. Strangely enough, Cloud is the last person he would suggest for this.

How he met and became Ramona’s boyfriend:
- Years prior to Ramona meeting Scott, she met Damien in New York who lost his way in the big city. Reluctantly, she helped him get to his destination since it was on her route. Having small conversations on they way, they get stopped by one some of Ramona's secret admirers.

This put Damien in a fighting craze since he's been dying to test his fighting skills from months of watching Kung-Fu flicks and action films. Much to his surprise, he defeats them in record time.

Damien - "Does this happen to you often?"
Ramona - "Kinda. It's not something I'm happy about."
Damien - "Heh, I gotta stick around you for a bit longer! C'mon this way!
Ramona - "Umm, I think you're going the wrong way. Your place is this way on the map."
Damien - "..Oh. I knew that."

And since then, the two had been together. Seen through the eyes of their peers as "a couple", they each sought their own perks. Whether it was for gaining fighting experience or clean routes from weirdos for safe delivery.

It became a little more for Damien one day as he found himself fallen for Ramona through their relationship. It became clear to him that he would want the two to be a real couple. He sent a letter to Ramona to meet him after work at a specific location where he would ask her to be his girl legit.

How did Damien become an evil-ex?

- It would be the day/night he would never forget. The day Ramona disappeared without a word. He waited at the meeting spot for hours after Ramona's shift. (I did note that Damien is an idiot in directions right?) He got the meet-up location mixed up: Gordon St, instead of Jordon St. He would head to Ramona's place to try and find an explanation for ditching him.

It only made matters worse for him as he also mistaken-ed the apartment room, thinking Room 2B instead of Room 23. Finding what was thought to be her place with an eviction notice on the door, he felt abandoned and went home to think over the matter.

He never did see Ramona after that. He kept getting lost. By the time he did find her real place, she had already moved to Canada. Damien had become a cold hearted person and would seek revenge at her to get his answers. (He should of just called her if he wasn't so broke to afford a phone.)

Gideon and the League of Evil-Exes

Gideon was so secure that the League would defeat Scott Pilgrim and Ramona would return back into his arms. But he had his doubts which would bring Damien into the picture. To be a special secret weapon against Scott in case Grave's dreams and goals would be destroyed.

He was asked to become the emergency backup for the League of Evil-Exes. In case all 7 of the League were defeated by Scott, he would be summoned as the executioner to separate Scott and Ramona in any way possible. This wouldn't be a problem in Damien's mind as it would turn out that he would also have a plan of his own against the happy couple. Damien Star would be the 8th Evil Ex "boyfriend" who would become the first to seek destruction to both Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers.

Scott Pilgrim and his world © Byran Lee O'Malley
Damien Star © Me
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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
So, personality wise, he's basically the American Scott Pilgrim?
Superjustinbros Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to see what this guy can do in battle.
MissMurderFish Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
That guy really can hold a grudge, can't he?
I love the description!
walkyofmilwaukee Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010
I like his design.
Sketchfighter316 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010
Thank you, friend. I'll be making a comic for him if time lets me.
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